Feel your stress sail away by listening to the soothing sounds of the EWI, performed by FloVerse Artist Scientist Sam Davidson. The EWI (pronounced EE-wee) stands for Electronic Wind Instrument, a wind synthesizer that uses breath to control MIDI. In the words of Sam’s idol, Michael Brecker, the EWI Master describes the EWI as being capable of “playing every part of a symphony from Venus”.  You simply use your breath and fingers like a saxophone. But you connect your electric saxophone to a computer program like Ableton to build the sonic layers with MIDI patch sounds. To hear the EWI, hop on this inter-galactic spaceship know as Brasstronaut. The critically acclaimed indie-rock band that Sam Davidson is a member of. Or take a listen to his solo project, Skim Milk, which is rooted in the love of exploring old music and mixing it with a unique brand of instrumental hip-hop. 

Sam Davidson’s band
Sam Davidson’s solo project

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