In this episode, we interview FloVerse Artist Scientist DJ Denise Fraser, a radio, music and event production producer from Vancouver, BC.  She is the Radio Host for Canada’s longest running LGBTQ+ show called QueerFM on CiTR and serves up a weekly dose of Hip-Hop on the Urban Renewal Project on Co-Op Radio. In the podcast, Denise provides advice for the next generation of DJs by comparing the analog and digital learning approach. She explains her process for getting into the zone aka the DJ ‘flow state’, which allows her to “paint music on dance floors” by being in tune with the vibe of the room. Lastly, she explains the potential of using motion for music creation on the dance floor.

In this conversation: 
01:17 –  1999 How DJ Denise first started rocking the crowds
03:35 –  Leaning new gear: tinkering and making it work 
05:43 – The next generation of music will be digital and easier to learn online
07:31 – Tips for becoming a DJ: listen 
08:14 –  The DJ flow state = being in the zone 
08:55 –  How DJs are like painters
11:10 – Using motion for music creation on a dance floor

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About DJ Denise Fraser 
Denise has been DJing in Vancouver since 1999. Her beginnings were just collecting music on cassette tapes from the radio and finding undiscovered artists before they became popular. Friends would keep asking for copies of music before she had any idea she was destined to be a DJ. After her first successful event she was hooked and the story of DJ Denise began. Now, Denise is a pillar of Vancouver’s hip-hop community and has produced many hip-hop events in the city. She has supported artists such as The Rascalz, Concise, Swollen Members, Tre Nyce and Wu-tang Clan among others.

Denise’s experience using FloVerse’s iOS App ‘Midimo(MIDI + Motion)
“I like Midimo. I connected the App on my iPhone 11 to FL Studios (Fruity Loops, a digital audio workstation for making beats) on my Macbook Pro via Bluetooth. Connecting Midimo was very straightforward, everything just worked for me. Nice and easy!” 

Connect with DJ Denise Fraser
URP: Urban Renewal Project on Co-op Radio; Queer FM on the CiTR (UBC Radio)
Facebook: DJ Denise & Denzin 8 Productions
Instagram: @djdenise35

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