Made with Midimo experiment #007 with Artist Scientist, Carlos Limon (IG: @climonaudio & Linkedin)

In his experiment, Carlos connects the Midimo App to Ableton Live and controls the Frequency Modulation Depth effect using the Pan motion on his iOS device. 

Midimo connects (via Bluetooth, Wifi or USB) and uses 3D motion (Roll, Tilt, Pan) to control parameters in all major DAWs and MIDI compatible software and hardware. Midimo also works with non-musical software that supports control via MIDI CC. 

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More about Carlos: Carlos Limon is a an audio engineer and sound designer from Mexico City, based in Vancouver, BC Canada. He is also a multi-instrumentalist with a background in alternative rock and folk music. Carlos is currently doing recordings for local talent in Canada and pursuing a career in sound for film.

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