In this episode we interview FloVerse Artist Scientist Michael Fraser, a Producer, Gypsy Violinist and DJ who is passionate about helping artists find their own unique sound. In this Podcast, Michael shares his personal experience on the importance of using emotion when playing and creating music. He also provides suggestions on how to tap into your ‘flow state’ (aka ‘creative zone’) using your imagination and internal imagery. Finally, Michael provides his thoughts on the next generation of music creators and how sampling has evolved the creative process.

“We are seeing right now how decades of dj’ing and sampling has turned into a creative outlet to be music creators. I am excited to see what the children of the next generation come up with in ways to express themselves. Both in musical ways where you start with the notes but also where you’re starting with samples and not necessarily a theoretical thing” – Michael Fraser, DJ Gypsy Violinist

In this conversation:
01:40-Putting your emotional self into music production
03:28-Finding your ‘Flow State’ through imagination and internal imagery
06:39-The future of music and sampling, the blurring of the line between DJs & music creators
09:58-Michaels’s lifelong quest to help other artists find their authenticate sound and flow state

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Connect with Michael Fraser at: FB: mfraserviolin / Twitter @fraserliveshow / Website / IG @micahelfraserviolin / Soundcloud: @fraserliveshow

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