Midimo How-To: Control Resolume’s VJ Software Avenue with 3D Motion

Want to control video using the motion from your iOS device? We’ve created a detailed guide and video showing how to connect to and control Resolume’s VJ Software ‘Avenue’ using Midimo, our free iOS MIDI motion controller.

This step-by-step video below will show you how to connect your iOS device to Resolume so you can MIDI map your phone’s 3D motions to the various video control parameters and effects.

We have also created a detailed guide on our Support page.

Please share your Midimo + Resolume creations with us! Tag #madewithmidimo on Instagram or TikTok or send us a message on IG, TikTok or Discord so we can feature your work!

Made with Midimo – Carlos Limon

Made with Midimo experiment #007 with Artist Scientist, Carlos Limon (IG: @climonaudio & Linkedin)

In his experiment, Carlos connects the Midimo App to Ableton Live and controls the Frequency Modulation Depth effect using the Pan motion on his iOS device. 

Midimo connects (via Bluetooth, Wifi or USB) and uses 3D motion (Roll, Tilt, Pan) to control parameters in all major DAWs and MIDI compatible software and hardware. Midimo also works with non-musical software that supports control via MIDI CC. 

Check out our other ‘Made with Midimo’ creative & how-to videos in our YouTube channel!

More about Carlos: Carlos Limon is a an audio engineer and sound designer from Mexico City, based in Vancouver, BC Canada. He is also a multi-instrumentalist with a background in alternative rock and folk music. Carlos is currently doing recordings for local talent in Canada and pursuing a career in sound for film.

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Visit our support page for how-to instructions for various compatible DAWS and software.

FloVerse Inc. launches Midimo, a Free Mobile iOS App that provides MIDI Control with 3D motion

Today we proudly announce that we have officially launched our first product – an iOS App called Midimo (MIDI + motion).  This free Mobile App enables users to add expressive 3D motion MIDI control to their music creation process. 

How does it work?

The Midimo App is a wireless MIDI controller that uses real-time motion data from your mobile iOS device to control sound parameters using three expressive motions – roll, tilt and pan. This simple and visual interface connects to MIDI compatible software or hardware via Bluetooth, USB, or Wifi. There is no extra software or hardware required when connecting to iOS devices. Midimo is compatible with all major music production software such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Reason, Cubase and more.  Midimo also works with non-musical software (eg. Resolume and Isadora) that support control via MIDI CC.

What could you experience with Midimo? 

Imagine being fully immersed in your creative process, whether it’s on a stage, in a studio, or in a jam space, and the music is flowing through you. When the moment calls, you pick up your phone to guide your spatial soundscape for the universe to hear. Simply by moving your phone side to side you can control your echo delay knobs, or tilt up and down to adjust your reverb sliders, or pan by rotating right and left to manipulate a filter effect. You can map any MIDI parameter to any (or all!) of the three motion expressions of Midimo, the possibilities are endless – just like the universe. 

Are you ready to merge MIDI controls with expressive motion?  Download the free Midimo Mobile App from the Apple App Store today!

For more information visit our Product or Support Page.

About FloVerse Inc. 

FloVerse is a diverse community of Artists and Scientists who are enthusiastic about creating innovative music and technology for the future. We invite you to join our Discord Community or follow our journey on Social Media. IG @official_floverse FB@officialfloverse Twitter @thefloverse

We can’t wait to see what you make with Midimo! Please share your creations on social media and tag #madewithmidimo #artistscientist

In Support of International Women’s Day

Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day by recognizing women’s global achievements. At FloVerse, this isn’t just one day, it’s our everyday company culture. Since inception, we have embraced a diverse team of women contributors to bring forth innovative ideas in music and technology.   Women’s voices are leading the way in every aspect of what we do and this is the model we want to see grow in the future.  As we develop unique products in industries that continue to lack gender equality, we #choosetochallenge other music and tech organizations to do more when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

FloVerse Hardware Beta Testing Teaser

We’ve been busy Beta Testing our music device prototype with our first round of Artist Scientists and thought we’d share a short teaser video to show a little behind the scenes footage (we are still keeping things very secretive and are not disclosing too much just yet). We adapted quickly to COVID and moved testing from our Lab to online Zoom sessions. Our Beta Testing & Community Program Manager, Alexis Douglas has been delivering Flow devices all over the Lower Mainland and creating on-boarding materials and how to manuals covering all the major DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) softwares. We are so appreciative for the all the learnings and the willingness of these Beta Testers to be first in working through our initial challenges. We are incorporating all their feedback and have already started developing the next version, expected to be ready for testing by June 2021.

Beta Tester & Artist Scientist Royce Costa

We are grateful to have had Vancouver, BC Musician Royce Costa as one of our Artist Scientist. His advanced technical skills provided us with some new DAW tips and his videography skills provided some great video recordings of his experiments. Royce has a diverse background in music performance and production, including film scores. We look forward to working with Royce again in the future with our next round of prototypes and mobile application. Listen to his new album Frontal Lobe at Roycecosta.com

Royce Costa experimenting with the Flow device in Ableton

Meet Sachin, Mobile Application Developer

Our newest member to join our Mobile Application team is Sachin Raturi!

We have been searching high and low for some much needed support in Mobile Application development and we found a great addition to our growing team. Meet Sachin Raturi! Sachin is completing his fourth year in computing science at Simon Fraser University and has previously worked on various App projects including a recent internship at Mozilla. Sachin is passionate about all things Mobile and will be valuable resource to support all application development, testing and support.

Our First Beta Tester and Artist Scientist!

We have officially commenced our hardware Beta Testing program with our talented Artist Scientists.

After months of development and preparation we have finally commenced Beta Testing our first hardware prototype, a MIDI motion controller. Due to COVID, we have also taken time to ensure our lab and procedures will comply with all the health and government regulations, as safety is our first priority. Our first in-lab Artist Scientist is James Goodon, a professional session and touring musician who plays electric guitar for the band ‘The Broken Islands‘. While James experimented and interacted with the device, our two researchers captured video and device data and also recorded his first impression commentary. Thank-you so much James for all your project support!

2021: The World of Mobile Applications

We have officially started the development of our concepts on Mobile Application platforms.

Our hardware experiments have provided us with valuable insights and direction for our future product roadmap, starting with a focus on Mobile Application development in 2021. We will spend the remainder of this year creating our development plan and hiring additional mobile application resources, including a specialist in UX/UI design. We will continue to evolve our ‘Flow’ hardware in parallel and we know the learnings from both hardware and software testing will facilitate the unique design of both product concepts. We look forward to using our phones in fun and productive ways in 2021!

Beta Testing and Community Program Manager

Welcome Alexis Douglas the latest member to join our team!

We are super excited to welcome Alexis Douglas to our team in the position of Beta Testing and Community Program Manager. Alexis brings with her music industry expertise with 12 years of international music and live event industry experience. Alexis has worked as a Recording Engineer at Hipposonics Studios and CBC Vancouver and was the first female Head Sound Engineer at the Civic Theatres. Alexis is also a talented multi-instrumentalist and an international touring veteran.  Alexis has contributed a lot of volunteer hours towards the development of the local music industry and is Co-founder of Vancouver SoundGirls.org and proud supporter of Creative BC – Industry Initiative – Producers Lounge.