In Support of International Women’s Day

Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day by recognizing women’s global achievements. At FloVerse, this isn’t just one day, it’s our everyday company culture. Since inception, we have embraced a diverse team of women contributors to bring forth innovative ideas in music and technology.   Women’s voices are leading the way in every aspect of what we do and this is the model we want to see grow in the future.  As we develop unique products in industries that continue to lack gender equality, we #choosetochallenge other music and tech organizations to do more when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

Meet Sachin, Mobile Application Developer

Our newest member to join our Mobile Application team is Sachin Raturi!

We have been searching high and low for some much needed support in Mobile Application development and we found a great addition to our growing team. Meet Sachin Raturi! Sachin is completing his fourth year in computing science at Simon Fraser University and has previously worked on various App projects including a recent internship at Mozilla. Sachin is passionate about all things Mobile and will be valuable resource to support all application development, testing and support.

We Love Women Engineers

We are thrilled to add a new female engineering student to our product development team

This summer Parinaz Balkhi joins our Product Development team as prototype researcher and developer. Parinaz has a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering and is currently working on her Masters of Applied Science in Mechatronic Engineering at SFU with a thesis on wearable technology. Parinaz is a skilled research assistant with a background in embedded control systems, software development, sensor analytics, machine learning, signal processing, and data mining. Welcome Parinaz, we love your passion for engineering and you are a role model for future female engineers.