Sam Davidson, the EWI playing Artist Scientist

Feel your stress sail away by listening to the soothing sounds of the EWI, performed by FloVerse Artist Scientist Sam Davidson. The EWI (pronounced EE-wee) stands for Electronic Wind Instrument, a wind synthesizer that uses breath to control MIDI. In the words of Sam’s idol, Michael Brecker, the EWI Master describes the EWI as being capable of “playing every part of a symphony from Venus”.  You simply use your breath and fingers like a saxophone. But you connect your electric saxophone to a computer program like Ableton to build the sonic layers with MIDI patch sounds. To hear the EWI, hop on this inter-galactic spaceship know as Brasstronaut. The critically acclaimed indie-rock band that Sam Davidson is a member of. Or take a listen to his solo project, Skim Milk, which is rooted in the love of exploring old music and mixing it with a unique brand of instrumental hip-hop. 

Sam Davidson’s band
Sam Davidson’s solo project